Material information

All PVC articles content softeners, which can cause allergical reactions.
Please test befor longer use. All Adult Baby articles are double sewed!
All adult baby articles made by Tortureangel are designed and produced with love. Changes like frills, volants, lace etc and other bizarre wishes are welcome.

All PVC articles content softeners, which can cause allergical reactions. Please test befor longer use.
All PVC articles are double-sewed! Tortureangel products are made of plastic foil, smooth inside and outside, for a great feeling on your skin and for your special fetish! Please check manufacturer advice!

This Latex is natural rubber, for sensitive feelings, endless stretchable,
smooth and smells wonderful.
All articles are double sewed with nylon bands.

Guidance for Latex Clothings
Our Latex is in the natural raw state .It still has transport-conditioned talcum layer.To keep it beautifully for a long time please attend the following guidance:
1) Please moisten the whole latex surfance with Latexfluid or Latexspray.
2) After that wash it the article in hand warm water.
3) Please rinse it thoroughly and add the last rinse some drops silicone oil.
4) After that dry it carefully with a soft towel.This will keep the gloss and the latex will look wonderful.

Our leather products are high quality manufactured. Anyway if the material is soft leather or robust split-leather - both leathersorts are the hightes qualities you can get. Seams are robust to guarantee a long life of your product and much fun!

Punishment articles can be changed according to your bizarre extra wishes! As clothing for punishment or just for fun fetish. Please mail me!

Tortureangel is versatile. That shows the following category. Here you find all our hand-made products of own draft also in textiles. We use only high-quality robust but soft cotton in unicolor, as we have a heart for Adult babies, and fabrics with cute child printings. The designs of the fabrics are changing from time to time. You find the current selection in our color chart. All articles in this category can also be made in artificial leather. Please consider the unbelievable variety of options you can choose of.
All our articles are high quality double stitched!
Lockable-option includes chains but not locks!

All used furs are artificial furs! We do not use cheap material but only high quality expensive artificial materials which are very close to natural furs. The advantage of artificial furs are quite clear: Not only that no animal lost its life for our products - its also possible to wash fur articles. We recommend to wash everything by hand (warm water with mild detergent), dry gentle and then brush the hair with an hairbrush to get the former fluffy and soft condition back again. Handled this way you will have long fun with your fur product! Some our fur-products are made on personal measurements and individual wishes. Its possible to produce fashion with fur in- and outside, to make things lockable, include d-rings and zips and much more. For more infos please mail. You can find several deliverable fur sorts in the color chart right side below.


We love to design and produce constantely new masks, hats, bonnets, caps and head sacks in plastic, latex, rubber and leather. We are specialized on adult baby equipment.
All articles can be changed on your special fetish wish. Please mail us! Please check our warnings re the head sacks etc. Thank you!


Tortureangel bedcovers, in PVC and latex, have general size 135x200cms and pillowsize 80x80. Its possible to produce bedcovers on request in several sizes. Please ask. Thank you!


This category contains misc. equipment like care products, locks, plugs and other little obsessive things. Have fun surfing!


This wood and steel fetish furnitures are handmade manufactured in Germany. They are high quality manufactured, firm and robust and flexible. All furnitures can be disassemblied and the parts can be stored fast. Furniture is marvelously suitable as decoration, for the middle age celebrations and of course also for sadomaso plays. Particularly recommend are the domina chair, the pillory and the slave chair Rigidly. Forwarding expenses within Germany are 6 Euros per ordered piece of furniture. Transportation fee for other European countries and overseas please ask before ordering!


Tortureangel is also selling reduced and used articles! The only reason why they are on sale is because they are worn for photo-shootings. Alle goods are top okay and clean. MissMarys Shop shows clothing and equipment which are only worn by our fetish-model MissMary. More about MissMary on


Crossdressing category you will find transvestite and crossdressers supply:
High-quality but inexpensive wigs, cheap tops and bras,inserts for chest and butt and decorative cosmetics.
This department is for the man who occasionally lives his female side and does not want to spend much money on it.
Therefore we did not add expensive breast prostheses, genuine hair wigs and outfits.